Easy NZ Loving

I looked to the left, outside the passenger window (because New Zealand) onto the mouth of the Waikato river, New Zealand’s longest river. The picturesque coastal feel along this road I was traveling and the bouquet of sweet emotions stuck in a forever spring-time bloom for my co-pilot left me with a sense of urgency […]

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Turning 26 in 52 Kilometers

Here it is, the bare bones of my birthday adventure. All the forest shitting, popped blisters, salty tears, sweat filled chafing, panting, moaning, limping, and laughing that you didn’t know you were dying to hear about. I wanted to do something for my birthday that would make me feel accomplished, bulletproof, and proud to be 26 […]

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My First Time…

Remember the the first time you tried lemons as a baby? With amusement and wonder you took that bite, senses tingling, face cringing and unsure if you liked it or not. Well I sure don’t, but the fun in life that is sprung upon by first tries, tastes, and trials is food for the soul. […]

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To a Wondrous Woman

When I began studying at Portland State University I had the idea that to grow from the soul outward its best to put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Uncomfortable is much different than unsafe – so I began to take classes that I normally would not have in hopes that by being in these different environments […]

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